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What you need to know about Click and Collect!

Click and Collect is quickly becoming one of the best ways for customers to order whatever they want online and have the option to pick it up from a business local to them. With an estimated 20,000 businesses now registered for the service, well-known brands such as John Lewis, Ebay, Asda and Amazon are adding this method as an option for customers. Recent statistics have shown that at least 35% of people who order online have started using this system. This figure is continuing to rise and is expected to increase to 112% by 2018.

Not only does Click and Collect make shopping easy, but it will also encourage people to visit their local shops, thus boosting towns and cities and helping the economy. One concern for local businesses, however, is that Click and Collect may affect their own profit. This is something which cannot be made definite until the system is widely used across most of the UK and is fully put to the test… But by the looks of it, this has already started to happen!

With Click and Collect becoming one of the most well used services for online shoppers, the question of ‘why were we not doing this sooner?’ comes to light. Maybe brands felt that customers wouldn’t have the time to collect what they ordered online and actually preferred just popping to their local high street… In defence of the new system, now that 10,500 Royal Mail branches are offering the service, it is anticipated that it will appeal to so many more customers simply as a result of the flexibility, especially for those who are unable to wait at home for a delivery. The idea of Click and Collect is to create more revolutionary ways to enhance options for customers so that they can receive what they want when they want.

A leading company for the establishment of Click and Collect is Collect+. With the majority of companies registering with Collect+ and paying a fee to get access to 5,000 smaller scale stores, this allows the larger companies to deliver on any level, as well as keeping the customer happy.

Something else which is spawning from Click and Collect are the use of metal lockers, which are being built into small stores in order to avoid additional work for the business. Customers can literally walk in, find their locker, grab their delivery and carry on with their day – simple and convenient!

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