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VR Virtual Reality Development

VR Virtual Reality Development

Indestinate provide a complete Virtual Reality (VR) production service creating world class VR experiences and films. We are experts in developing in Unity.

Start to finish

We offer a complete end to end service – from developing the VR concept, asset production, app design /development and publication. We build our experiences to be used not only throught latest VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift but also on mobile, tablet and PC, allowing for immersive digital interaction across multiple platforms.

CGI VR Production

We have built entire heritage and nature orientated environments in Virtual Reality using CGI. By combining CGI and real video we can bring any concept or idea to life, providing truly stunning immersive experiences for your visitor.

Unity VR Production

We are Unity specialists. This knowledge and expertise enables us to fuse existing video and CGI content with bespoke CGI content development to create completely customisable interactivity. Anything from a simple 3D walk through to an entire VR educational game is possible. Unity provides us with the flexibility to publish experiences on multiple devices, therefore enabling valuable development investment to be used in a number of ways within your project.

iOS and Android

VR does not just have to be for a headset (HMD) it works brilliantly on tablet and mobile too, utilizing the devices gyroscope to allow natural navigation. We develop for iOS and Android.

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