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Museum Object Scanning

Museums and other UK institutions seeking to document historically significant artifacts, artwork or other items have turned to 3D scanning in recent years and this year is set to be the biggest.

We can use this technology to develop 3D data models of objects in their collections so that they are preserved digitally should the worst happen but also 3D print a replica of the object to study without damaging the original. This ensures that even if the original item becomes damaged, a copy of it still exists.

Organizations can also use these digital models to more easily share information with scientists, researchers, archeologists, students and tourists who may be unable to view an object in person, bringing the complete 3D Virtual experience to your home.

New and additional revenue opportunities exist through the use of 3D scanning and reproducing 3D models of collection and exhibit objects for retail. We would love to talk to you about 3D scanning. Get in touch!


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