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PlaceDashboard footfall uplift measurement- How it works

PlaceDashboard footfall uplift measurement.


Precise footfall uplift measurement – How it works.

Build your town audience to have an accurate view of where people go and what they do in your town.

Real People Movement Data

PlaceDashboard footfall and movement analytics is built on the real world movements of real people. This data is captured through our own proprietary app – GeoTask.

Easily build your own GeoTask audience by asking existing visitors to your town to download GeoTask onto their smartphone.

GeoTask is available on iOS and Android.

All data is reported live in your PlaceDashboard. The larger your GeoTask audience the more powerful your FREE PlaceDashboard becomes.

Real world movements of real people

GeoTask App Give to Charity
GeoTask Place Dashboard free

What’s in it for them?

All GeoTask audience members are paid for sharing their anonymised location data.

Each member earns daily cash points which can be converted into PayPal cash rewards or donated to charity. 

Location points are funded by GeoTask * – there is no charge to the town or the BID.

Plus there cash prizes to be won in the weekly and monthly cash prize draws.

Every new GeoTask audience member receives 500 cash points by using your towns recruitment code.

Click here to request your audience recruitment code.

Earn money for sharing location data

GeoTask Footfall Data
GeoTask Place Dashboard free

Place database

We build an accurate view of the ‘place features’ for your town, including retailers, restaurants, car parks and leisure locations.

By exactly mapping your town’s place features, PlaceDashboard is able to precisely measure audience movements.

Simply provide an excel spreadsheet with the required data and we will build the place view of your town, using digital location points down to the position of a businesses front door!

The only requirement is that you provide a list of town features to be include in your town database on a spreadsheet.

Accurate Mapping of businesses

GeoTask PlaceDashboard Perth heat map
GeoTask Place Dashboard free

Recruit your audience

Simply invite your known town’s audience to join GeoTask.

Use your existing marketing channels including Facebook followers, loyalty card holders, town app users, levy payers and your town research panel members.

All marketing materials are provided including blog posts, email templates and an image gallery – click here to start recruiting your GeoTask audience.

FREE PlaceDashboard for your town

GeoTask Audience Recruitment
GeoTask Place Dashboard free

Recruit your audience

PlaceDashboard provide the most accurate view of footfall uplift, shopper movement and audience interaction for your town.

It is a free service – so start building your audience today by requesting your PlaceDashboard login details and your audience recruitment code.

GeoTask Place Dashboard free

Join your own town GeoTask audience!

Download the GeoTask App now on iOS and Android.

GeoTask App Google play store
GeoTask apple app store

* Up to 100 GeoTask audience members per town free. Monthly subscription for 100+ GeoTask members and premium movement data boost. Learn more.

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