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Our top five from CES 2015!

Our top five from CES 2015!


We’ve selected five of our favourite products and technologies from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas…



As you’re probably aware, beacons have been indicated as one of the main ways we can change the future of retail. New technologies on display at CES included beacons that capture door movement, lighting and temperature. More and more brands are now testing beacons to help them send targeted messages and videos to shoppers based on their in-store location. We are working with 10 UK towns and cities deploying beacons round the shops and businesses in the centres through our GeoTask programme, so we’re keeping a keen eye on where this technology is heading.


Sony SmartEyeglass Attach!

There are some companies hoping to bring smart eyewear to the masses this year! Sony’s SmartEyeglass Attach! is one of the most interesting… it even clips onto normal glasses with its miniature screen. We wouldn’t mind having a try!


Milk VR

Samsung reaffirmed its commitment to Milk VR – a recently announced virtual reality content play for its Oculus-powered Gear VR accessory. Picture it like a YouTube for VR. Samsung also revealed that its Milk Video service is headed to all Samsung smart TV as well as PCs. Samsung will be one to watch this year that’s for sure…


3D Printing

Over 50 3D printing vendors were introduced at CES; including modern versions of existing commercial models, stripped down versions – and the rest! Consumer services were also being showcased, such as 3dplus’s offer to make a superhero action figure by warping a model of your head onto a custom-printed base. This is definitely something we’d like to see!


StoreDot rapid phone charger

StoreDot’s ultra-fast battery charger promises to recharge your smartphone in under two minutes! Although it’s currently in prototype form, it is moving much closer to reality. At CES, a phone was fitted with a special battery and went from almost empty to 100% in about the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth. Although the company says the smartphone battery it built lasts only about five hours, it’s definitely a start!


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