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Creating compelling digital visitor experiences


The Experience

We are passionate about enhancing environments with interactive technology to create engaging and memorable experiences. Location Interact offers new and exciting opportunities to engage with visitors in creative, informative and fun ways.

Apps, proximity beacons, touchscreen and gesture recognition are just some of the tools available to enhance a visitor experience of your location.



Imaginative in App games are used to engage and educate the visitor, helping to understand the importance and relevance of certain stories, features and histories connected to a location.

By using the functionality of the smart phone including, GPS, compass, gyroscope, baramoter and accelerometer, the creation of gesture recognition games brings interpretation to life.



The creation of outdoor Geo Located Zones (using GPS), marks out specific regions which the App understands, providing an automatic listing of digital experiences close to the visitor.

Give visitors a more immersive experience when indoors through wireless proximity beacons. When entering a pre-defined proximity of a location, visitors can be automatically notified that there’s more information including games, images, text, videos or audio content.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality provides an ideal format for telling the story of art galleries, museums and visitor attractions.

The ‘live’ digital experience can be overlaid and trigger by physical object recognition or GPS location all at the control of the visitor. Character video, touch screen triggered animations and real world soundscapes enhance the learning and enjoyment of the visitor.

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