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Heritage Lottery Fund

Heritage Lottery Funding

When assessing funding applications the Heritage Lottery Fund looks for the outcomes of the project which are changes, impacts, benefits or any effects that happen as a result of your project including

1. Outcomes for heritage

2. Outcomes for people

3. Outcomes for communities

Your project is required to achieve one or more of the above desired outcomes. We create and develop digital heritage immersive experiences which meet requirements of Heritage Lottery Funding.

Indestinate LocationInteract can help you achieve outcomes for people and communities, using digital technologies including web, digital catalogues, mobile, app, Augmented Reality, location based content (GPS) and 3D experiences.

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Case Studies

  • Meadows WW1 Experience

    To drive interest and footfall into the Meadows shopping centre in Chelmsford during a significant period of redevelopment. Read more

  • Leap In The Park

    Hull has some outstanding cultural and historic assets, many of national and international significance. Read more

  • Digital Bridgend

    Hull has some outstanding cultural and historic assets, many of national and international significance. Read more

  • iGuide Hull

    Hull has some outstanding cultural and historic assets, many of national and international significance. Read more

People learning about heritage

LocationInteract enables you to:

- Increase visits from target audiences

- Fully interact with your heritage through, immersive digital trails, Augmented Reality and 3D experiences

- Use ‘gamification’ to help understand heritage, increase interest and enjoyment

We are able to record what people of learnt, what they are doing, capture their understanding and share your heritage across multiple social channels.

LocationInteract includes the ability for ‘self- build’ heritage experiences to encourage further learning and study especially targeted at schools and colleges.

Changing attitudes and behaviour

All of our digital heritage projects involve working with communities to research and create digital stories, create interactive games and provide rich content for the digital experiences.

By working collaboratively with the community we can help encourage individuals to get involved in community projects and provide a clear benefit and outcome for them.

People will have an enjoyable experience

By using the latest digital technologies including Augmented Reality, 3D head sets (Oculus Rift) and web or mobile we create interactive games, quizzes and scavenger hunts which bring to life your heritage.

LocationInteract enables the development of interact heritage experiences which become tourism attractions in their own right. We design the experiences to encourage repeat visits and provide with the ease the ability to share their experiences through social digital channels.

More people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage

Using digital engagement we are to make heritage more appealing to a more diverse audience. This is achieved by providing fun, interactive experiences utilising rich heritage content and locations.

We help you reach audiences which may not have previously participated in or experienced your heritage before including wider age groups, social backgrounds and ethnicities. For existing audiences we are able to provide a deeper and more immersive experience.

Your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit

LocationInteract is designed to help you bring to life and expose heritage which is either lost or difficult to access. We provide the ability for you to make heritage more accessible to visitors and residents alike. Changing the perception of a local area and creating a greater sense of belonging.

Your local economy will be boosted

LocationInteract includes the ability to directly include local businesses in the digital heritage experiences. This inclusion can be via geo listing businesses alongside heritage locations, listing nearby attractions or including offer vouchers as rewards when content is triggered in scavenger hunts.

Our digital heritage experiences are designed to become a tourism attraction in their own right whether they be 3D experiences or location based augmented reality trails. We work closely with tourism organisations to integrate content into the digital experiences to grow tourism visits to local areas.


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