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Consumer Behaviour and Preferences

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The clearest view of consumer behaviour in the physical world. Measure consumer location behaviour over time and understand how real time events affect real world shopping behaviour.

Measure Offline Marketing Impact

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Understand the unique visitation behaviours of your shoppers and the locations they have a high affinity to visit. Use these insights to reach a wider audience through targeted marketing efforts and measure success through changes in behaviour.

Maximise Location Performance

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Every retailer and landlord needs to know where there shoppers come from, how often and how long they shop and which retailers they chose to shop with. Maximise returns and optimise rental growth with GeoTask.


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Utilise data and analytics

To grow and retain key customer segments, benchmark your business against the competition and measure the impact of marketing campaigns to drive foot traffic to your stores. Know how consumer behaviour changes by day of week, month, quarter, and year.

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Track your competitors

Shoppers before, during and post visit. Measure by consumer segments including gender, age, children in the household and retailer affinities. Understand the correlations between various businesses and categories. View which businesses share a common audience – and which ones do not.

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Identify locations

Where you’re not present but should be. Based on the demographics, preferences and location relationships of shoppers, GeoTask can tell you where your customers are and where your stores should be.

Towns and BIDS

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Understand the places consumers go

When in your town. Know where a shoppers journey starts, their movement flows and dwell times. Know how they interact with nationals and independents, leisure and retail and different retailer categories. Through our location based data we are able to provide the analysis for you to make informed decisions and measure their impact, helping you to grow the health of your town.

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Manage the right retail mix for your audience.

By knowing which retailers shoppers interact with, how often and for how long you can quickly see how independent retailers perform again nationals, which retail categories are successful and those which require more support and benchmark against similar or competitor towns.

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Measure trends over time

By analysing location consumer behaviour patterns over time it is possible to see the positive and negative affects macro and micro events are having on the sustainability of your town. Understand the longer term affects of events, marketing campaigns and the opening and closing of retailers to gain support and investment from key stakeholders.

Brands and Advertisers


GeoTask Connects the digital and physical World

To quantify the impact of adverting on in-store visits. By using direct measurement of shoppers behaviours when they are in location , we can provide the data to show how shopper behaviours change when exposed to advertising.


Location Targeting

By mapping shopper behaviours to locations, GeoTask enables Marketers to proactively reach their audiences wherever they are located and not just when they are located within a proximity of a specific location, as GeoTask assigns audience characteristics to GPS location points in real time.

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Stay ahead of competitors

By knowing how consumer behaviours are changing. GeoTask quantifies these fluctuations in near real-time by measuring changes in market share by demographics, the correlation between places and the sentiment of shoppers related to a location.

Landlords and Investors

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Improve decision making

By taking advantage of the UK’s first location data panel and map the relationship between your assets and the shoppers who visit them. Our data will help you identify opportunities and threats to your portfolio.

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Benchmark performance

Of your assets by understanding how shoppers interact with your store location, competitors and other towns. Capitalise on these insights to make informed decisions regarding your investment plans for investing and divesting to maximise return on investment.

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Advanced insight

Which quantify the shopping behaviour of consumer segments including gender, age and relationship status. Know how consumer behaviour changes by day of week, month, quarter, and year. Understand the correlations between various businesses and categories. View which businesses share a common audience – and which ones do not. All easily accessed through the GeoTask cloud dashboard.

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