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PlaceDashboard – measuring where people go and what they do in your town



PlaceDashboard is a FREE analytics service which accurately measures and reports where people go and what they do in your town.

Town Heat Maps

PlaceDashboard includes free shopper heat maps to understand street by street, where your town’s most popular places are.

Overlay your town’s business locations to learn where your consumers are shopping, eating or simply enjoying themselves. Filter by time period, gender and age.

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FREE Town Heat Map - Example Perth

GeoTask PlaceDashboard Perth heat map

Town Movement Map

Shopper Movement Map

PlaceDashboard cluster maps help you visualise how your shoppers move through the town, where they dwell and where they travel from. Compare defined date periods and identify changes in movement patterns.

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FREE Shopper Movement Map - Example Loughborough

GeoTask PlaceDashboard shopper movement map

 Top Town Locations

PlaceDashboard’s Top Locations is a weekly ranking by category of the top 3 businesses based on foot traffic as measured through the UK’s first opt-in town audience.

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FREE Top Town Locations - Example Loughborough

GeoTask PlaceDashboard Mopst Visited Places

Your Town Dashboard

All PlaceDashboard reports are available in real time through the cloud. It could not be easier to have complete visibility of how your audience is interacting with your town.

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FREE PlaceDashboard for your town

GeoTask PlaceDashboard

How it works

Location movement data is captured through our proprietary location research app  – GeoTask. Build your town GeoTask audience, and your PlaceDashboard will immediately provide the location intelligence you require. GeoTask rewards all audience members with daily cash payment for sharing their anonymised movement data – there is no cost to you.

It could not be easier to have complete visibility of how your events and initiatives are delivering the required footfall uplift.

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Download the GeoTask App now on iOS and Android.

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