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Geotask – How it works

GeoTask’s location panel provides directly measured shopper location points 24/7. By leveraging this data, GeoTask uses it’s proprietary algorithm to turns complex location data into actionable behaviour insights providing unrivalled value to retailers, brands and towns.

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GeoTask Panel

The GeoTask panel is a location based opt-in panel . Panellists opt-in by installing the GeoTask app which measures location persistently in the background. All data is captured anonymously and aggregated for reporting. As a leader in privacy, GeoTask has a three step opt-in process for all panellist before any location data is captured from a users phone.

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Quantifying Location

GeoTask is the only UK independent panel provider measuring shopper location behaviour, providing location insight by analysing millions of location data points captured from our opt-in panel. To provide valuable insight requires volumes of data, inference models, business location context, and the ability to provide easy and intuitive dashboard reports.

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Shopper locations

Location accuracy is critical in understanding location behaviour. GeoTask uses GPS latitude and longitude, proximity beacon triggers and an inference model which applies statistical probability to each and every visit. Our approach provides a high level of accuracy to understanding the shopper behaviour patterns of consumers in the real world.

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Data Extrapolation

Understand what is unique about the real world shopper behaviours of your audience, the places they visit and the retailers they have a preference for. Then take advantage of these insights to reach a wider audience through targeted events, marketing, new store locations and crucially quantify success based on measured changes in shopper behaviour.

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Actionable Insights

The GeoTask dashboards provides a solution for marketers, place managers and investorsto measure the impact of marketing, advertising, economic development and events on the behaviours of shoppers when in location.

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