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Geotask – Consumer Behaviour and Preferences

The UK Location Panel that quantified the real world behaviour of shoppers by connecting the relationship between place and people

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Understand you Customers’ Behaviours and Preferences

By measuring real world visitor behaviour trends over time, your are able to understand how marketing, weather, events or new retailer opening affect where and who a shopper visits.

Retailers are able to focus on their most valuable customer segments to understand the least and most popular places they will visit, pass through or dwell


Keep ahead of your Competitors

The behaviour of consumers in any town can change very quickly. GeoTask quantifies behaviour fluctuations including movement flow, dwell time, stores visited and travel methods. Data is available across demographics, place affinities and via attitudinal surveys.


Target you audience more profitably

Understand what is unique about the real world shopper behaviours of your audience, the places they visit and the retailers they have a preference for. Then take advantage of these insights to reach a wider audience through targeted events, marketing, new store locations and crucially quantify success based on measured changes in shopper behaviour.

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Location Analytics with GeoTask

GeoTask measures towns and cities across the UK every second of the day through our own GeoTask location panel. This data is captured through the GeoTask App and then applied against our Context Database which connects the location to a business name, type and description. The panel member is not required to check-in or keep a log. The location is either captured using a proximity beacon trigger or applied using the GeoTask inference algorithm.

Data is then available through intuitive graphs and reports in the cloud dashboard providing clients with invaluable knowledge of consumer movement flows and retailer preferences.

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