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The Six Must Have Modern Web Design Features

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The Six Must Have Modern Web Design Features

Clive Hall

If you are thinking of a web site redesign you may be asking yourself what latest features to include and what should be most important elements for your new website. So we’ve tried to help with a short guide to the six important design features of modern website design. There is no need to have all of them, but we hope this list will help you selecting the ones that are right for you.


Feature 1: Flat Design

Flat design is best described as simple in appearance. This approach avoids using three-dimensional effects and other similar design techniques, flat designs use bright colours and simple illustrations.

At Indestinate we have taken this approach. As you can see, there is a minimalistic look to it that focuses on the content and colour instead of the design. The flat design makes the site look clean and slick.

Why is it useful?

We use Flat Design because it focuses on our company’s content. It allows the website visitors to get right to the point by putting an emphasis on the content over other design features that make a website “fancy.”

Additionally, flat design uses a minimalistic style making the website appear cleaner with more white space. Increasingly web designers are creating websites with more whitespace to keep the focus on the content of the website instead of overloading websites with design elements which confuse a user.


Flat Design Website Design

Feature 2: Hover Effects

Hover is great tools for helping the user identify where they are on your page. When you place your cursor over a part of a website that has a hover effect, it usually changes colour or highlights letting you know where you are looking.

A great example is the Buffer transparency website. When you scroll over any of the greyed out boxes the different buttons change to show you the full colour of the image beneath, easily letting you know where you are on the site.

Why is it useful?

Hover effects are a great tool to help with a user’s experience and enhances the ease of navigation.

website design hover navigation

Feature 3: Scroll to Page Sections (Parallax scrolling)

Some websites have a feature where you click a link and it brings you to a different part of the page. For instance, Honda uses this technique on their website. Let’s take a look.

The left hand navigation of the honda website links to the most important information that they want their website visitors to look at. Let’s say you are interested in the safety of the car. When you hover over link 8, the bar moves out with the word safety on it, when clicked the site automatically scrolls you down to the section of the page that discusses vehicle safety.

parallex scrolling , scroll to page section

Why is it useful?

This type of scrolling can

  • Wow viewers with page depth and animation
  • Used to tell a story and guide visitors through your site
  • Increase dwell time by helping visitors to scroll through the entire page
  • Direct visitors to the calls to action you want them to take
  • Removes the need for multiple page clicking and loading
  • Increase the speed of navigation for the user

With all of these benefits of parallax site design, there are several possible downsides. The problems stem from the fact your website can end up with just one single long page which is detrimental for SEO as there is only one set of meta information, one H1 tag and one URL. Load speed can also be reduced as there may be lots of images which needed to be loaded, risking visitors leaving the page before they have viewed it. This type of navigation is also not compatible with responsive and mobile design

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