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Brand New Forest Launches Proximity Beacon App

Further to the launch of the Brand New Forest App, we have been developing the exciting next stage; this incorporates a Digital Points Loyalty Scheme and integration with proximity beacons which triggers the app to open as the shopper approaches a participating business in the Brand New Forest scheme.

Over 250 businesses are featured in the App, with all content cached, enabling visitors to redeem offer vouchers and collect loyalty points across the New Forest without the need for connection.

With repeat customers delivering over 60% of a small businesses revenue a consumer’s decision to buy and interact with a retailer is often based on the ability of the business to reward the shopper for the time and money spent. This is one of the main reasons why customer loyalty programs that reward customers for staying loyal to their brand have steadily gained popularity.

A customer loyalty program delivers the best results when integrated into the everyday needs of the customer.  This is why proximity beacons are being installed in businesses across the New Forest. The beacon enables the Brand New Forest Loyalty App to automatically open on the page of the available offer, reminding the customer of the immediate benefit that can be gained at exactly the right time and location. The iBeacon technology will provide a deeper understanding of the target audience’s behaviour, demographics, locations and shopping interactions. New Forest businesses are now able to use this valuable data including the customers email address to deliver personalised marketing campaigns to visitors and residents to drive increase spend within their businesses

The Brand New Forest Scheme is operated by the New Forest District council to ensure that all our local towns and village centres are vibrant places. This is achieved by working closely with all local business interests and community organisations to encourage special events and activities to encourage more people to use local shops and businesses. At the heart of the Shop and Buy Campaign is the Brand New Forest Card scheme, where residents and visitors purchase a card through the app, for just £5 providing significant savings at shops, pubs, restaurants and visitor attractions throughout the New Forest.


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